21 Sep

Virtual Exhibition “Tengger – god, land and people”

This virtual show marks a milestone of my research on certain aspects of Tengger. It also questions the concept of pre-conceived ideologies regarding culture, people and the role of the documentarian.

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Exhibition date:
21st September 2020 to 30th October 2020

The show contains some images that may be disturbing to some people. Please view at your own discretion. Otherwise, enjoy the show. You may also view with a google glass, if you have any.

02 Sep

Congratulations to my student, Ms Tang Jingwen

I like to congratulate my student, Ms Tang Jingwen, for winning an Excellence Award in the recent Silk Road Youth International Photography Competition (12-18yo category).

This year, there were 108,281 youth participants with 254,301 works submitted to the competition. Each category has 42 awards (4 categories). This means, each participant only has 0.16% (averaged) probability of winning an award. An extremely difficult feat.

Jingwen’s work will be showed at the Photo Beijing Festival 2020.

Below is an extract of her work titled, “Grandfather’s Hands”.

27 Nov

“The Winning Image” – A talk conducted on behalf of National Parks Singapore (nParks)

Thanks to NParks (National Parks) for organising this workshop to discuss the critical ‘winning elements’ of awarded photos from the Singapore Garden Photographer of the Year (SGPY) photo competitions.

I am also delighted to serve as the Chief Judge for two consecutive seasons of the SGPY.

I also wish to thank the Senior Group Director of NParks, Mr Wong, for the beautiful photo book.

Photo credit: Mr Phua Chong Tian

19 Sep

“Visualised Dialogues” show at Pingyao Photography Festival 2019

I’m delighted to initiate and curate a show, “Visualised Dialogues”, for photography students’ from the Nanyang Technological University School of Art, Design & Media at the Pingyao International Photography Festival. And congratulations to Marina Zuccarelli for winning an award under the college/university student category!!
Fitri Ya’akob
Hong Shu Ying
Mak Han Feng
Marina Zuccarelli
Mun Mun Loke
Queenie Ke
Vincent Zhang Xuan