Tengger – People, Land & Rituals

This project centers on Ngadisari, a village situated on the highland of the Tengger region in East Java, Indonesia Since the early 1400s, the Tenggerese has been building their lives around an active volcano known as Mount Bromo (named after the Hindu god Brahma). Although 98% of Java are Muslims, the majority of the Tenggerese are Hindus. Today, the practice animism and totemism persist as a custom passed down since the days of the Majapahit Empire.

The Tenggerese continue to strive to sustain their traditional beliefs and practices, amidst the inevitable influence of globalisation. This portfolio represents my personal response to the people I’ve talked to, the things I’ve seen, the texture of the materials I’ve felt, the land, the air, the smells, the atmosphere and all other tangible and intangible experiences. In each image, I hope to portray the people, their religious or ritualistic practices, and their land.