seeing Red, seeing Green

I often have difficulty reading from the Ishihara plates when testing for colour blindness. The distress and fear of having colour vision deficiency as a visual artist and photographer have often provoked me to try different forms of colour blindness test repeatedly. Although taking further tests had proven that I am not colour blind, yet the anxiety remains. As a result, the colours red and green have not only become a recurring motif in my works, but also as a constant attestation to myself that I can still see the world in its full splendour.

This series of works also negotiate with my constant emotional struggles as a person. It represents a visual exploration into the darker edge of my mind as I contend with anxiety, betrayal, emptiness, fear, lose, melancholy, regrets and solitude. But, it also advocates that holding onto ‘Hope’ can strengthen our spirit, and that good things can happen even in the darkest of moments.

After all, we are merely a tourist in our own life…