20 May

10th Jeonju International Photo Festival in South Korea

I’m really honored to be invited as a Exhibition Director to the photo festival. I had the opprtunity to curate a series of photos from Singaporean photographers. The group exhibition is titled Jewels of a Nation.

Throughout the various stages of nation buiding in every country, the evolution of our architectural developments in most notable. As nations become affluent and starts their attempt to transform to a developed nation, following closely are the construction of new skyscrapers and unique architectural landmarks that largely characterised the development of any particular nation. These admirable consructions serve not only as milestones but as jewels of a nation.

The curatorial intent focuses on showcasing photographs depicting a selection of our notable landmark buildings. Each of these buildiings represent a specific period in the development of Singapore and they symbolised the unceasing labour of a young nation in the midst of a constantly changing environment.

with Professor Park

with Dr Kown

with Professor Ryu

with Profesor Paul and Eric Weeks (another exhibition director of the festival)

with Eun-ju, a curator of the exhibition

with Hye-ji, a volunteer for the exhibition

with Peter Garfield, festival curator (left middle)